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    Migrant workers’ fight to unionize in the Yukon

    Fed up with poor working and living conditions, migrant workers are organizing. The Yukon’s labour movement needs to step up and support them.

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    Dreaming of home care futures

    Without a public home-care system, disabled people are forced to choose between living in a long-term care home, medical assistance in dying, and hiring an underpaid migrant home-care worker.

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    Pushing climate refugees into migrant worker programs

    As climate change displaces millions worldwide, the Canadian government is expanding temporary foreign worker programs and funnelling migrants back onto the front lines of the crisis.

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    A reading list on resisting dehumanization

    In this reading list, Black women, queer and trans people, people who use drugs, sex workers, and migrants share their stories of marginalization and their fight to be recognized as valuable community members.

  • An illustration of a brown skinned woman standing with crutches on either arm, looking at the viewer sadly. Black text at the bottom says,

    Migration has always been a disability justice issue

    An interview with Ameil Joseph about the history and present of Canada’s discriminatory treatment of disabled migrants

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  • A group of Asian community members wearing masks and holding up signs in multiple languages with anti-trafficking messages written on them.

    Anatomy of an anti-trafficking policy campaign

    In Newmarket, Asian massage workers have been engaged in a battle with the town council, which is intent on shutting down their businesses by claiming that the workers are both disreputable criminals and sex trafficking victims.

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    « C’est un régime de terreur. »

    Pour mobiliser les travailleuses et travailleurs migrant∙e∙s en région rurale, il faut d’abord les trouver. La seconde étape est de réussir à desserrer l’emprise de surveillance et de peur qu’exerce leurs patrons.

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    “It’s a regime of terror”

    The first step in organizing rural migrant workers is finding them. The second step is breaking through their bosses’ iron grip of surveillance and fear.

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    Filipinos across Canada respond to pandemic inequalities

    From live-in caregivers to meat packers, Filipino workers have been at the front lines of COVID – but have received little protection or recognition.

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    Finding asylum in Swift Current

    In the small city of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, three refugee sponsorship groups are preparing to welcome five migrants who endured detention on Papua New Guinea’s infamous Manus Island centre.

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    What is a migrant? And is she a revolutionary?

    Migrants are now a central part of the local working class in virtually every town and city. Organizing against capitalism involves treating migrants not as objects of charity, but as revolutionary subjects.

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    Against all nationalisms

    Nandita Sharma responds to Phil Henderson’s review of her new book, “Home Rule.” She argues that instead of providing us with freedom and justice, national liberation struggles have delivered us to capital and to sovereign power. As a result, rejecting nationalism – all nationalisms, including indigenous nationalisms “from below” – is critical to anti-colonial struggle.

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    Baby book: Documenting undocumented motherhood

    A note from Briarpatch’s editor, clarifying four factual inaccuracies that existed in the baby book, and how they came to be published. 

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    Stitching together a movement

    At its best, Briarpatch stitches together the fragments of a progressive community across so-called Canada, quilting a powerful movement for collective liberation.

  • Decolonizing Relations on Treaty 4 territory

    Indigenous people, immigrants, and settlers in Regina’s Decolonizing Relations group discuss land, labour, and solidarity.

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    Migrant workers are the present and future of low-carbon care work

    Migrant workers are keeping us alive through catastrophes like COVID-19, but they face an impossibly complex, punitive, and high-stakes immigration system. It’s time to completely overhaul the way we value those who do the most vital, life-giving work.

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    Black Lives Matter in Rural Canada, Too

    When we imagine rural Canada as white, we erase the history, present, and future of rural Black life – from Black Loyalist settlers to justice for modern migrant farm workers.

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    Mistreated, marginalized, migrant

    Following the deaths of three workers to COVID-19, the experience of migrant farmworkers in Canada has received unprecedented media attention. As a result, workers are winning long-overdue changes to their conditions. This timeline charts the wins and losses of migrant agricultural workers in Ontario during seven months of COVID-19.

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    A world of many worlds

    Is the idea of Indigenous sovereignty really in conflict with the well-being of migrant communities? A review of “Home Rule: National Sovereignty and the Separation of Natives and Migrants.”