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MOVETogether definition:

Global sports platform and search engine for events regarding physical exercise and sports activities. By creating MT events in your community, you are giving them the opportunity to join, anytime - anywhere.


MOVETogether policy:

Physical exercise and sports activities.


MT aims and tasks:

  1. Constant aspiration towards increasing and maintaining the maximum number of events regarding physical exercise and sports activities, as well as supporting those who organise them.   
  2. Enhancement of labour conditions in the field of physical exercise and sports activities.


Type of event:

  1. MT Event
  2. MT Event PRO 


Difference between the organisation of unprofessional (MT Event – MT) and professional (MT Event PRO – MT PRO) physical exercise and sports activities:

  1. MT Event - organisation of physical exercise and sports activities for joint training and recreation.
  2. MT Event Pro - organisations and trainers who professionally organise physical exercise and sports activities.


Which account can you use for the organisation of MT Events and which for MT Pro:

  1. MT Event – with accounts of athletes or trainers (unprofessional physical exercises and sports activities).
  2. MT Event PRO – with accounts of organisations or trainers.


Geographical MT work areas:

The use of the platform for organising unprofessional events (physical exercise and sports activities) is WITHOUT limits. The professional use of the platform at full capacity is only possible in countries where MT is doing business. 


Verification of organisations and trainers:

To enable larger benefits regarding the use of the platform, we are asking organisations and trainers to verify themselves.   

  1. Organisations must submit an application for verification (which can be found on the site under profile settings/verification).
  2. Trainers must submit a personal document as well as a document (licences, certificates or further education) in the field of physical exercise and sports activities. 


Besides athletes, trainers and sports organisations, who does the MT platform also match:

  1. Sports institutions
  2. Sponsors

To all others who are interested and want to team up in order to enhance the atmosphere of doing and organising events regarding physical exercise and sports activities, please join us.


If we were able to arouse your interest for the MT platform, please support our work and accelerate the development process of the MOVETogether project  here - supportMOVETogether.



IMG 5b0bc26cf8a2bfdc5d6d3f953262a221 V Sincerely,

Miloš Đorđević 

Founder and CEO MOVETogether

Contact: Miloš Trainer ( • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

Thank you for your attention!