"MOVETogether is the world´s first locator for events regarding sports activities. Bring attention to your MT events with our tools and find the event you are looking for with ease."

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Nowadays, the modern way of life gives us less and less time to recreate physically and to find a social environment that suits us in the real world. The free time that we may be able to extract for some sports activities is often missed because of thinking (where, when, how much...) and it mostly ends in spending that time in the virtual world.

In order to transfer social contacts from the virtual life to the real life easily, we decided to start the MOVETogether project. Thereby you can find the most appropriate sports activities (Event) at a certain time by means of easy searches in your area. Consequently, linked people from the virtual world will be transferred to the real world, which helps to create even better social contacts between groups and individuals who have the same sports activities as their main goal.

MOVETogether is a project aimed at linking athletes, trainers and organizations dealing with sports activities, and advertising them in order to connect each other. Moreover, to facilitate the search for all those who want to deal with some kind of sports and recreational activity, and also to help trainers and organizations to easily advertise their offers, as a main goal athletes would be able to find the appropriate sports activities in their area. As trainers and organizations have the possibility of placing their offers (Events), it is also possible for athletes to seek a certain sports activities that other users can join. Thus, we can find the activity and the social environment that we fit in at any time and at any place. Furthermore, searching for Trainers or Organizations in a certain area will result in a healthier competition between Trainers and Organizations as well as in an easy search for same. We try to encourage Trainers und Organizations to create a lot of Events and show how much more energetic they try to activate people to train with them.
One of the main goals of this project is to encourage users to physically actively use their free time, and thus be healthier and full of positive energy in the future. The connection between people will be better, and by that we are trying to make this world a better place for living. Our goal is to unite recreational sports, and bring together all those who live recreational sports, in one place as one of the biggest brands. So, if you have a similar vision to support this project, just use it. I hope that it can help you in both business and recreational terms.

As far as ideas are concerned, I asked myself how people can see what I am doing and find me easier, in order to be able to train together. It resulted in building a special web portal where users will have all the information they need. Normally, if I would like to get some information, I had to visit a lot of sites and only get the most basic information. Moreover, often we see some sports activities happening around us, but it is extremely difficult and strenuous to get that information. Thus, I did not know about an Event in which I could have taken part if I had organized my time. Therefore, I think that this project is worthy of attention because it helps many people to save time and money and get the desired information as quickly as possible with appropriate filtration.

If you like our MOVETogether project and want it to more quickly progress, you can support it.

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Sincerely yours,

Miloš Đorđević

Founder and CEO at MOVETogether